Haridwar RO Plant– a company established as an integrated service provider of design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services. We are one of the most trusted partners for waste management solutions. Haridwar RO Plant’s waste management experts will treat your system and proactively respond to your needs like they’re our own—allowing you to focus on what you do best every day.

Haridwar RO Plant customers tell us how they benefit from our complete water management systems. Haridwar RO Plant’s years of expertise and are intimately intertwined with its equipment solutions, testing, and monitoring, analysis, and recommended corrective actions. Haridwar RO Plant is dedicated to practical solutions that spur business growth and simultaneously preserve the world’s most precious resource – WATER.

Our market focus and experience include effluent treatment, sewage treatment, commercial reverse osmosis, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, and reuse.
Our Mission
Our mission is to make the world’s waste management systems affordable, sustainable as well as energy-efficient in order to cope with the challenges of population growth, industrial expansion and climate change.

Our Vision
Our vision is providing sustainable waste management solutions for a better environment

Our Philosophy
Our objective is to provide access to clean water, as well as to secure environmentally- compatible disposal of municipal and industrial wastewater. We are deeply and strongly committed to the sustainable contribution to environmental protection as well as in the enhancement of the quality of life. This ultimate task steers us in the development of new and innovative technologies and the ongoing optimization of all the existing processes with a focus on emerging as well as developing markets. The success of our efforts directly contributes to securing one of Earth’s greatest and precious treasures, the very basis of life — the element called “Water”.

Through the years, we have gained immense confidence in our clients. We have built lasting relationships with these clients based on our credential of trust as well as innovations Haridwar RO Plant represents a globally present, locally driven business organization in the field of waste management technology.

We manufacture and supply compact solutions to eco-conscious partners, industries, and governments across the world. Our team has developed the most reliable, durable, and cost-effective solution. Our main focus is a smart production ensuring that we have an excellent product well tested in our factory so that we can provide an adequate guarantee to our customers as well as partners.

Our engineering and design team has continued to innovate in many different areas. We have conducted extensive industry-specific testing to understand the optimal conditions for different types of wastewater in different climates. Therefore we have been able to, invent innovative ways to solve real industry problems like mixing, reducing energy costs, and scouring. We provide cost-effective and innovative water management solutions that maintain a more efficient system that uses less water, fewer chemicals, and, ultimately, less energy.

In view of the importance of emerging and promising sector of water-saving, recycling, and conservation, we have set up a special mission for promoting water and wastewater products/system with end to end consultancy services. The main aim of the company is not only marketing waste management technology but also to provide end to end consultancy services such as project management consultant. In any assignment, the approach we follow is rigorous research followed by an in-depth analysis of problems/needs which facilitates providing useful insights. We adopt the experience, skills, exposure, expertise, knowledge as well as Insights gained over a period of time to offer customized solutions to our clients’ needs.

Sustainable Products / Solutions
Haridwar RO Plant is a pure-play technology company offering a wide range of solutions focused on conservation, optimization, recycling, and reuse of resources, directed at addressing waste challenges across the world.

Our experience offers customers comprehensive, compact, and integrated solutions. These solutions allow the customers to secure cost and risk free-solutions to future-proof their current processes and also to leverage their current assets. Our commitment is to continue to supersede the standard of our products year on year not only by decreasing OPEX/ CAPEX but also by reducing risk for adopters and delivering the best environmental outcomes in waste management. We place sustainability, efficiency, and operational risk at the center of every product we make. For now, we continue to ensure we remain at the forefront of waste management innovation.

Haridwar RO Plant provides custom water, wastewater, sewage treatment, effluent treatment process separation, and filtration solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our individualized and project-based approach continues to define our niche in the modern waste management industry. This approach facilitates us to deliver comprehensive and efficient solutions to meet our customers’ unique and differing needs. Haridwar RO Plant promises complete partner and customer satisfaction through this comprehensive approach that delivers customized industrial solutions. At Haridwar RO Plant, we anticipate the needs of industry and respond with forward-thinking solutions. Our various industrial clients benefit from working with a partner who is capable of delivering comprehensive solutions from concept to completion. We believe in sustainability and environmentalist approach wherein business and environment work for each other rather than sacrificing one for the other.

Today, Haridwar RO Plant serves the waste management needs of clients across the nation and globe from its headquarters in India. Leveraging the collective skills of experienced specialists and engineers, Haridwar RO Plant blends a culture of teamwork, commitment, and passion to help solve the client’s unique industrial waste management needs. We have one of the most experienced teams in the industry to deliver foresight to our customers and partners. We use our vast skills to consult our factories, companies, partners, municipalities, and institutions through the challenges of more compliant, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly management of their waste. The company’s key competencies got developed through the years of plant-building experience. These comprise of turnkey execution and operation of water/wastewater treatment plants for both the municipal and industrial sectors. Haridwar RO Plant has a successful track record of executing over 500 customer projects globally with quality and commitment to timely delivery. These clients have reposed their faith in our competency, both technical as well as commercial.

Haridwar RO Plant Advantage
Strategic planning and a deep understanding of the constantly changing process, technical and economic scenario has enabled us to develop an organization with the resources of excellent intellectual capital, innovative capabilities, adaptability to industries, and faster responsiveness. Haridwar RO Plant is one of the world’s cost-effective companies in the waste management space.